A film by Steven Spielberg

Presented by the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum and the Truman Library Institute with CinemaKC 

February 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

at the Midwest Genealogy Center, 3440 S Lee's Summit Rd, Independence, MO



 A film by

David Wayne Reed

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at Unity Temple on the Plaza

Episode One: Meagan Flynn, Jennifer Friend, Timothy Friend, Kelsey Amara and Dotty Hamilton

Learn about K.C. Women in Film & TV and the Kansas In ternational Film Festival. Plus, watch a short about how a quest for perfection threaten s a chance for happiness and two shorts with distinctive visual styles.


Episode Eight: Timothy Harvey, Jim Schweers and Brian Boye

Get the scoop on the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City and see 2 of its members’ comic films.


Episode Eleven: Cara Myers, Lyn Elliot, Misti Boland and Mary C. Taylor

Find yourself captivated by four female filmmakers’ four distinct visions.


Episode One: Bruce Branit

The FX artist shares 2 films showcasing his visual effects artistry. He also shows how he built a digital cinematic world.


Episode Twelve: Jeph Scanlon, Trent Coffin, Shawn Edwards, Diallo Javonne French and John Shipp

Learn what’s up at two KC film festivals and meet the man behind the curtain at CinemaKC.


Episode Seven: Jerry Rapp and Jen Greenstreet

The filmmakers go for the drama in 2 short works.


Episode Four: Jeremy Collins

The adventurist/filmmaker presents his stunning short film about “climbing to untouched summits on the China/Mongolia border, as told through a letter home from father to son”


Episode Nine: Pete Whitehead, Paul Horton and Peter Martin

We showcase talented Hallmark animators, both in the studio and on location at the beloved Kansas City-based company.


Episode Six: Jennifer Seward-DeRock, Bradley J. Lincoln, I rene Delmonte, Krystal Heib, Bryan Colley

Find out what’s up with the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of K.C. and the K.C. Screenwriters group. Plus, see a local couple’s sci-fi drama and Zac Eubank’s unusual love story.


Episode Ten: Barclay Martin, Paul Pearce, Judith G. Levy and David Wilson

A documentary celebrates music and children, a mockumentary skewers artistic envy, and the True/False Film Fest asks filmmakers to just “gimme truth.” Plus, enjoy a musical performance.



By Dan Lybarger

Air Machinist Mate Third Class Bruno Gaido (Nick Jonas) was a real-life war hero, though the derring-do he’s depicted as performing in Roland Emmerich’s Midway actually happened months before that battle.  Cast: Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid, Alexander Ludwig, Aaron Eckhart, Darren Criss, Nick Jonas, Jake Weber, Tadanobu…

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By Robert W. Butler

Antonio Banderas Published November 3, 2019 by Robert W. Butler at Butler’s Cinema Scene My rating: B+ (Opens Nov. 8 at the Town Center) | 113 minutes | MPAA rating: R The dominant aural element of Pedro Almodovar’s “Pain & Glory” is a solo oboe exuding gentle melancholy. It’s the perfect soundtrack for one of this director’s best…

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“THE LIGHTHOUSE”: Mad, mad, mad, mad world

By Robert W. Butler

Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson Published November 3, 2019 by Robert W. Butler at Butler’s Cinema Scene My rating: B | 109 minutes | MPAA rating: R With Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse” we don’t so much watch a couple of men go crazy as experience that craziness with them. The film has been beautifully photographed, but beware…it is disconcerting,…

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CinemaKC Partners with the 2019 Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF)

By Patricia Hamarstrom Williams | November 3rd, 2019

Kansas City, Mo. – CinemaKC is proud to announce a working partnership with the 2019 Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF). KIFF will sponsor the November 6 CinemaKC Legacy Series/KC Film Office presentation of “The Day After”. CinemaKC will film interviews of filmmakers who have been selected for this year’s KIFF Local. The 19th annual Kansas…

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2019 Kansas International Film Festival – A CinemaKC Sponsor

By Cinema KC | November 2nd, 2019

FILM FEST PICKS BY ROBERT W. BUTLER AND DAN LYBARGER THE PITCH, Kansas City’s Independent Source for News and Culture: The Kansas International Film Festival Starts Friday (ed note: Nov 8). Here’s a Few Picks by Dan Lybarger CLICK ON TITLE TO READ ARTICLE

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Two Articles by Jon Niccum on the History of “The Day After”

By Jon Niccum | October 28th, 2019

“Fallout from ‘The Day After’” and “Nuclear reaction: Cast, crew of ‘The Day After’ reunite for 25th anniversary of film shot in Lawrence, KC” By Jon Niccum Wednesday, November 19, 2003 from the and November 16, 2008 from the Read “Fallout from ‘The Day After’” and Nuclear reaction: Cast, crew of ‘The Day After’…

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