REVIEW: ‘Alien: Covenant,’ religious fanaticism

On May 11, 2017 by Johnny Szlauderbach

Those of us who adore the 1979 movie Alien do so because we “admire its purity.” That line is spoken by undercover android Ash when he encounters the extraterrestrial specimen—he’s a sucker for efficiency—but it applies equally to the movie’s conceptual backbone. Alien combined creaky haunted house tropes and a slasher-movie literalism with a working-class view […]

REVIEW: ‘Kong: Skull Island,’ gorilla warfare

On March 8, 2017 by Johnny Szlauderbach

Kong, giant ape and eighth wonder of the world, might as well be a stand-in for the whole enterprise known as blockbuster filmmaking. He’s a six-foot gorilla blown up to gigantic proportions; for Kong, the life-sized is spectacle. And on the practical end, he seems to pop up onscreen around forward leaps in special effects. […]

Film History


On February 4, 2017 by Patricia Hamarstrom Williams

CINEMAKC DRAG QUEEN BINGO for FILMMAKING CinemaKC is hosting a Bingo Night at Hamburger Mary’s to support local filmmaking. Come out to play, to party, and to have fun! It’s on Thursday, February 9 at 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at Hamburger Mary’s, 3700 Broadway Rd, Ste 110, Kansas City, Missouri 64111. BINGO CARDS: $10 […]

Panic Fest Tingles KC Spines This Weekend

On February 3, 2016 by Johnny Szlauderbach

If you experience a certain creeping sensation north of the river this weekend—symptoms include chills, rapid heartbeat, and general paranoia—try not to be alarmed. As the dead of winter arrives, so does the hysteria of Kansas City’s most berserk film festival, Panic Fest, which possesses the Screenland Armour Friday, February 5th through Sunday, February 7th. Dug […]