“Article 99” Trailer


Article 99, made by director Howard Deutch and starring Keifer Sutherland, Lea Thompson, Ray Liotta, and a who’s who of actors will screen Friday, November 9 at  7:00 PM at the Screenland Medallion Theatre at Plexpod Westport Commons, located at 300 E 39th Street in Kansas City, Mo.  Prior to the screening, at 5:30 pm, VIP ticket holders will enjoy live jazz music at a VIP jazz reception, sponsored by KC JAZZ Live and hosted by The Sundry.


Tickets will be available for purchase through Eventbrite.

Open Forum, Screening and Q&A to follow – Suggested Donation $10 (Does not include VIP Jazz Reception )

VIP Jazz Reception at The Sundry $15 (Does not include Open Forum, Screening and Q&A )


About CinemaKC

CinemaKC is a non-profit organization dedicated to spotlighting filmmakers in Kansas City through special screening events and a television presence on PBS and its website.  Through the years, CinemaKC has showcased hundreds of films and filmmakers, and has produced over 60 TV episodes featuring local and regional talent.  For more info go to CinemaKC.com.


About KC Film Office

The KC Film Office leads the city’s efforts to attract film, television and new media productions to the community. A division of Visit KC, the Film Office focuses on three core priorities: production assistance, project recruitment and industry support. To date, the office has assisted with more than 600 productions, generating a local economic impact of more than $32 million.  For more information go to FilminKC.com.


�Additional Sponsors: –  KC JAZZ Alive –   Screenland Medallion Theatre at Plexpod Westport Commons – The Sundry – Screenland Real Estate Services – and special thanks to John and Naomi Shipp

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PATRICIA HAMARSTROM WILLIAMS, M.F.A., Ph.D.abd is storyteller with international film and theatre directing and new media credits. Her film credits include “A Tomb for Boris Davidovich”, “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night”, “Othello”, and “Tiger Dance”; work at Cinecitta and for Universal Studios. She has also directed at major theatres, including Lincoln Center, American Repertory Theatre, Missouri (now Kansas City) Repertory Theatre, national Shakespeare Festivals, and the National Theatre of Serbia.

Hamarstrom Williams has served as Executive Director of both the Kansas City Film Festival and the KAN Film Festival. She is Vice President of the Board of CinemaKC, having joined in 2014.