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Kansas City, Mo. – CinemaKC, the television program devoted to showcasing local films and filmmaking talent, will feature the popular web series, “Withered World”, at midnight-thirty this Thursday, June 26 (That means that it’s actually airing on Friday morning, June 27 at 12:30 a.m.). The Kansas City PBS affiliate, KCPT, will air the second episode of the third season.

Michelle Davidson and Erin McGrane will host guests Bryce Young, Turner Baietto, Michelle Davidson, Joicie Appell and Amber Rapp. In addition to the “Withered World” showcase, there will be screenings of “The Field”, “A Senior Moment”, and “Wrong Number”.

“Withered World” is a web series featuring films by local filmmakers based on the premise that the world will end in a day. “The Field” is one film from the series based on the reflections of an old man who faces the end of life. It is directed and written by Turner Baietto and stars Joseph Anderson, Lauren O’Bannon, Stephen Matlock, John Galloway, and Ariel O’Bannon.

In the second of the Thursday CinemaKC offerings, the catalyst for two strangers connecting is a wrong telephone number. Written by Amber Rapp and directed by Patrick Rea, the short film, “Wrong Number” was featured in the 2012 AMC Kansas City Film Festival script readings and as a screening in this year’s Kansas City Film Festival.

Amber Rapp said, “I was especially fortunate to be able to work with some of the finest film talent in the Kansas City area or anywhere. Patrick Rea directed the work and the result was just as I envisioned.”

“A Senior Moment” was written and directed by Michelle Davidson. It’s about an older woman texting for the first time and surprises that ensue. This short film stars Joicie Appell, Jeannine Hutchings, and Carol Leighton.

Next week’s episode of CinemaKC features guests Brandon Green, Vickie Rocco, Sergio D. Acosta, Jenny Phillips and Grace Powell. There will be powerful documentaries focusing on life after prostitution, the glories of tattoos, and transgendered teens. A local producer/actor discusses filmmaking in K.C. and L.A.


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