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Most people on the coasts know about Kansas City’s musical heritage.  They’ve heard about the barbecue.  They have a vague recollection that someone once told them it’s a nice town.  But it’s still a “flyover,” one of the places they see from the airplane window while traveling between New York and L.A.  The idea that this Midwestern city has a rich cinematic heritage would likely never occur to them.

 It doesn’t always occur to people who live here, either, and the History & Legacy page is designed to change that.  This area has produced famous actors and groundbreaking directors, as well as major advances in film exhibition and distribution.  There are a remarkable number of historic buildings in Kansas City associated with the industry, including some of the country’s most beautiful theaters.  And, of course, there’s a tradition of both independent and Hollywood-based filmmaking here, going back to the silent era.

 Ideas and information are always welcome.  There are hundreds of stories to tell, and I look forward to sharing some of them with you.

Loey Lockerby, CinemaKC Historian

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