Tribeca Comes To Kansas City Tonight

Local filmmaker and CinemaKC Board member Jerry Rapp wrote an article about the event we’re sponsoring tonight in the Freight House District with the Film Commission of Greater Kansas City.

Here’s a taste…

If you’re an enthusiast of the arts scene in Kansas City, you no doubt have heard/read/been told about the phenomenal America; Now and Here traveling exhibition, which launches from Kansas City and embarks upon a multi-city tour of art, music, poetry, theater, dance and … oh, yes, film.

America: Now and Here has its origins in a simple idea: artist Eric Fischl asked of his friends and peers — a diverse group of noted visual artists, musicians, poets, playwrights and filmmakers — to submit a work of art reflecting their points of view and visions of post-9/11 America. Overwhelmed by the response, Fischl established the not-for-profit America: Now and Here program, which interlinks communities across the country through programs, various mediums and a traveling cross-disciplinary exhibition and event.

In addition to an offering of some of Kansas City’s notable short films (to be covered in a future Rapp Sheet), Jane Rosenthal, curator of the Tribeca Film Festival and Sharon Badal, the fest’s short film programmer, have put together a stellar lineup of work which represents the most profound glimpses into the human condition as we experience it by being American citizens.

Remember the event starts at 7PM and runs until 8:30PM in the parking lot between Third Eye Productions and the Leedy-Voulkos Gallery on Baltimore. Admission is free.

To read the entire article and for more information about the films being show, click here.

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