Remember, 11-11-11 is Nigel Tufnel Day

It’s also the day of CinemaKC’s fall fundraiser!

But more about the rock guitarist to end all rock guitarists.

From Yahoo…

Enthusiasts of loud (if not necessarily critically acclaimed) music know all about Tufnel. He’s the fictional rocker from the semifictional band Spinal Tap who loves to turn his amps up to 11 when he needs that “extra push over the cliff.” What better time to celebrate and salute the man and his technique than on 11/11/11?

We first learned of the unofficial holiday through Facebook, where folks are preparing to honor the great guitarist. One fan writes, “Friday, in Honor if Nigel Tufnel Day and Veterans Day, I will be turning it up to 11 and rocking the Star-Spangled banner.” Web searches on the holiday are on the rise, jumping 20% over the past 24 hours.

And here’s a clip from Spinal Tap…

We hope you can join us for our 11-11-11 Fall fundraiser at the Screenland Crossroads.

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