CinemaKC talks with the Independent Filmmaker’s Coalition (IFC)

Recently board member Jerry Rapp got a chance to talk to members of the Independent Filmmakers Coalition or IFC as it’s better known as.

Here’s that story…

“The IFC is a non-profit organization promoting regional independent film, video and media production,” says President Brian Boye. “We provide a setting for education, artistic expression, networking, and cooperative sharing of resources to anyone with an interest in filmmaking.”

Beginning in 1994 with fewer than 10 members, the IFC now has a membership numbers in the hundreds. Today’s representation incorporates a near-equal number of male and female members encompassing a wide ethnic mix. Videographers, screenwriters, producers, directors, actors, musicians, editors, lighting technicians, make-up artists, and set designers sink in to the theater chairs to network, laugh and learn at the Westport Coffee House every Wednesday night.

Since the time of their humble beginnings, IFC members have made nearly 2,400 short films and over 25 feature films, which have screened at the coffee house space, as well as at regional, national, and international film festivals. Several IFC films have won awards and been accepted into prestigious festivals and screenings.
“Film production is rarely an individual pursuit,” comments Boye, “It always requires the collaborative skills of many. At least 95 percent of our films are produced in the cooperative spirit the IFCKC fosters of filmmakers helping each other for little or nothing. We pay it forward and try to come to the aid of our fellow members searching for cast, crew, locations, what have you.”

“IFC films have also been practical training for actors and crew members who now have professional careers in the film and video industry,” adds Boye. “Via regular actor’s showcases, budding and working film and television thespians get to show their filmmaking peers what they are capable of. To get great acting, one doesn’t need to go beyond the rich talent pool that exists within our own community.”

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