Episode Three: Brandon Green, Vickie Rocco, Sergio D. Acosta, Jenny Phillips and Grace Powell

Hosts: Michelle Davidson and Erin McGrane

Guests: Brandon Green, Vickie Rocco, Sergio D. Acosta, Jenny Phillips and Grace Powell


Powerful documentaries focus on life after prostitution, the glories of tattoos, and transgendered teens.  Plus, a local producer/actor discusses filmmaking in K.C. and L.A.



Tatooed IMDB

The Matter of Respect IMDB

TRANSidentity IMDB

CinemaKC Season Three Credits

Michelle Davidson
Erin McGrane

Created by
Jerry Rapp
John Shipp

Executive Producers
John Shipp
Jerry Rapp
Larry Garrett
Linda Wiedmaier

Supervising Producer / Writer
Linda Wiedmaier

Producer / Director
Larry Garrett

Michael Wunsch / Outpost Worldwide
Robert K. Cecil / Outpost Worldwide
Sarah Strnad / Outpost Worldwide
Valerie Anderson / Outpost Worldwide
Michelle Davidson
Erin McGrane
Dylan Dietz

Associate Producer
Katie Mulich / Outpost Worldwide

Post-Production Supervisor
Dylan Dietz

Jib Operator
Chris Durr

Technical Director / Sound Engineer
Robert K. Cecil

p>Director of Photography
Michael Wunsch

First Assistant Director / Floor Manager
Bryce Young

Second Assistant Director
Tucker Keatley

Assistant Technical Director
John Burke

Assistant Camera
Mary C. Taylor
Emily Herold

Camera Operators
Nicholas Young
Valerie Anderson
Evan Wunsch
Garrett Alloway
Donovan Jones
Sean Day
Nick Malley

Camera Intern
Gabrielle Dierenfeldt

Mike Wunsch

Script Supervisor
Jennifer Seward-DeRock
Molly Montgomery

Assistant Script Supervisor
Maia Ades

Catering / Craft Services Coordinator
Nadine Mummaw

Guest Coordinator
Cathy Runyan Svacina

Production Assistants
Maia Ades
Molly Montgomery
Marvita Oliver

Hair and Makeup Artists
Staci Broski / 7th Row Productions
Chanda Hutton

Production Photographer
Phil Peterson

Photography Interns
H. Jessica D. Wayland
Lauren Wunsch

Production Designer
Michael Wunsch

Field Director / Director of Photography
Katrina McCann

Production Accountant
Geoffrey Westra

Christopher Dierenfeldt

Dylan Dietz

Opening Credits
Claudia Chagui of T2

Post Production Audio
Daniel C. Warneke of Wheeler Audio

Closed Captioning
Dylan Dietz
Nadine Mummaw

Show Open Composer
Noel Selders
Substream Music & Sound Design

End Title Composer / Additional Music
Jeff Freling

Caterers and Craft Services
Comfort Catering / Lynnette Forney

Conscious Images® LLC, John Niernberger

Special Thanks
Michael Murphy
Film Commission of Greater Kansas City
Kansas Film Commission
Film Society of Greater Kansas City
CinemaKC Board of Directors
Aaron Laue
Fuller Creative, LLC
Standard Style Boutique
Christopher Elbow Chocolates
Krystal Heib
Wes Neal
Brian Neal
Jordan Crow
Teri Rogers and Nick Stout of T2
Zac Eubank for "Monkey see, Monkey do"
Douglas Meloche for "Remix"
Jenny Brinkman for "Counterproductive"
Patrick Rea for "Wrong Number"
Michael McMillan for "Charlie 13"

Special Thanks / Kickstarter Supporters
Amber Rapp
Andy Garrison
Angie Storms
Annie Walsh
B. Riggin
Barbara Noble
Ben Lee
Bob Atkins
Brian Paulette
Bruce Branit
Bryce Young
Caitlin Horsmon
Cathy Svacina
Chris Hager
Chris Haghirian
Cindy Tsutsumi
Collin Martin
Curious Pixel - Sara Hebert
Daniel Minton
David Skaggs
Dennis Porter
Fred G. Andrews
Gary Huggins
Hanuman Brown-Eagle
Heidi Gardner
Jack Holland
Jamie Searle
Jason Imlay
Jason Nivens
Jen Greenstreet
Jim McCullough
Joe Gauer
John Burke
John Holson
Jon O'Neal
Josh Fry
Justin Gardner
Kathryn Land
Katie Van Luchene
Kevan Gibbs
Lyn Elliot
Marc Havener
Mark Huffhines
Mary C. Taylor
Matt Connelly
Michael Byars
Mona Grinberg
Monica Espinosa
Nathan Kincaid
Pat Hursey
Pat Williams
Randall Moore
Ross Stinemetz
Russ Hadley
Sam Abadir
Sam Billen
Samantha Carter
Sara Theurer
Sharon Harris
Stephen Goldblatt
Sylvia Guerra
Tammy & Jay Byland
Timothy Burchak
Tom Styrkowicz
Vicky Bates
Media Mike

Very Special Thanks
Andrea Sporcic and the Missouri Film Commission

CinemaKC Strategic Partners
Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City
Film Commission of Greater Kansas City
Blackberry Castle Productions
Film Society of Greater Kansas City
Independent Filmmaker’s Coalition
Kansas City Film Critics Circle
Kansas City FilmFest
Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee
Kansas City Fringe Festival
Kansas City Screenwriters
Kansas City Urban Film Festival
Kansas City Women in Film and TV
Kansas Film Commission
Kansas International Film Festival
Missouri Film Commission
Missouri Motion Media Association
Off Center Theatre
Reel Spirit
Tallgrass Film Festival
The Whole Person
Thank You Walt Disney
UMKC Film Department
University of Kansas Film and Media Studies
United Motion Picture Association (UMPA)
Variety the Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City
Women of the Motion Picture Industry

CinemaKC Business Alliances
Allied Integrated Marketing
Allied Theatre Craft
Bazillion Animation
B & B Theatres
Boulevard Digital Drive-in Theatre
Buttonwood Financial, LLC
Conscious Images
Dickinson Theatres
Fine Arts Theatres
Haywood Marketing Communications
Kansas City Area Development Council
KC Stage Magazine
KC Studio
Mile Deep Films
Outpost Worldwide
Prizm Productions
Screenland Armour
Screenland Crossroads
Screenland Crown Center
StagePort KC
Substream Music & Sound Design

Studio Facilities
Outpost Worldwide

A Co-Production of KCPT

CinemaCKC Season Three Links


Larry Garrett (Director/Producer/Executive Producer): www.kcfilm.com/guide/monkjack-productions and www.imdb.com/name/nm2006873

Linda Wiedmaier (Supervising Producer/Executive Producer): www.lindawiedmaier.com

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