Help The Missouri Film Commission Get Reinstated!

This exciting news just in from Missouri Citizens for the Arts!

The House Appropriations Committee for Economic Development approved the Governor’s recommendation ($600,000) and added a $100,000 increase to the Missouri Arts Council’s FY13 appropriation!!

Thanks to all arts advocates who made calls and visits with your legislators to help get us through this round of the funding process.

During the hearing on Tuesday, Representative Thomas Long offered the amendment for the increase, along with Chairman Denny Hoskins. Representatives Sharon Pace, D-North St. Louis, Ed Schiefer, D-Troy, and Bill White, R-Joplin, all spoke in favor of increasing the arts funding and stressed how important the arts are to our economy.

Please thank members of the committee for supporting the Arts. They also approved $200,000 to restore the Film Commission.

Now we go to the House Budget Committee for approval. Make sure your Representative knows to support MAC’s funding in House Bill 2007, at the $700,000 level with full spending authority. Please find your Representative here.

Silvey, Ryan, Chair
Stream, Rick, Vice Chair
Allen, Sue
Asbury, Randy
Burlison, Eric
Carter, Chris
Cauthorn, John
Flanigan, Tom
Grisamore, Jeff
Guernsey, Casey
Haefner, Marsha
Hoskins, Denny
Hough, Lincoln
Keeney, Shelley
Kelly, Chris
Kirkton, Jeanne
Lair, Mike
Lampe, Sara
McCann Beatty, Gail
McManus, Kevin
Montecillo, Genise
Nasheed, Jamilah
Parkinson, Mark
Rizzo, John
Sater, David
Scharnhorst, Dwight
Schatz, Dave
Shively, Tom
Thomson, Mike

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  1. Susanne McDaniel on February 18th, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    I am a life-long citizen of Missouri. For our state not to have a film commission is absurd! This state has so much to offer and has done so in the past for film locations. This will only hurt our state more if we do not reach out to filmmakers to utilize our rich and historical locations. Please reinstate the Missouri Film Commission. Thank you.

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