KANSAS CITY, MO – CinemaKC, a not-for-profit organization connecting film related groups in Kansas and Missouri, presents the locally made movie Works In Progress at Screenland Crown Center, opening on December 10, 2010.

Works in Progress is a poignant, romantic comedy feature film that follows the lives of two recent small-town college fine art graduates and a successful, yet unfulfilled insurance professional during a magical summer in “the big city.”Works in Progress is set in the present day (with brief flashbacks) in rural western Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

“The underlying theme is finding and being true to your calling in life,” says director Steve Pruitt. “It’s a film about integrity.”

Steve and his wife, Mary Pruitt, a Kansas-based couple, made the film to satisfy a mutual goal of finding a creative pursuit they could work on together. In a way that has not gone unnoticed, the film curiously parallels their own lives. Mary, a Cincinnati native with a degree in general studies, and Steve, a former business school professor, shared many, multiple duties on the film. He produced and directed, while Mary wrote the majority of the script and served as the executive producer.

The Kansas City-based film is being released for a regular theatrical run at Screenland Crown Center under the banner of CinemaKC Presents.  For days and times check out showtimes2.html

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2 Responses to Dec 10th “Works in Progress” Theatrical Run Begins

  1. Jim Gwinn says:

    How can I obtain a copy of Works in Progress?

    • Justin Gardner says:

      Jim, the film should be on DVD soon and we’ll post about it when it is. I’ll also forward your info to the filmmaker.

      Thanks for asking!

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