By Jerry Rapp September 13, 2010 in REview
The Kansas City film scene can be compared to instant coffee — instant gourmet coffee, mind you, but with the packed-in makings of a hugely satisfying, ready-to-go beverage nonetheless. Concentrated inside these crystals of potential is pure, satisfying flavor, boundless energy, and yes, a buzz. The region has long been considered the place where “something” is going to happen and in a big way. Hopes are particularly high for the time being, with the merging of the Kansas City film festivals into one (Rapp Sheet — 4-7-10), the current wave of filmmakers emerging from the area (as evident by the frequency I’m writing about new films!), the debut of the StagePort sound stage facility (Rapp Sheet — 8-10-10) and, of course, the arrival of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts scheduled next fall. Call this the triple espresso of them all.

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