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Locally produced documentary depicts how the once-powerfulKansas City Mafia muscled their way into the River Market, and how an investigation of several murders became integral in bringing down some of the biggest mob bosses in the country.   Produced by a retired veteran of the Intelligence Unit using actual wiretaps.
Where: Screenland Crown Center
When: November 15-21, 1:45 & 6:30pm daily 
Gangland Wire, a new documentary by filmmaker Gary Jenkins, utilizesfirst hand witnesses and actual wiretaps from a benchmarkinvestigation into the real story behind the fictional account referencedin the popular film, Casino.  A dispute over parking rights in Kansas City’s once bustling River Quay entertainment district led the F.B.I. and the Kansas City Police Intelligence Unit down a path of dead bodies and bombed buildings.  At the end of this investigation, authorities’ uncovered evidence leading to the convictions of La Cosa Nostra bosses in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland and Kansas City for their involvement in illegal activities in Las Vegas.  The “Strawman” tapes tell the real story.
Jenkins, a retired Intelligence Unit detective, discovered audio tapes labeled “Strawman” deep in the bowels of the government archive.  In these he found the actual voices of Kansas City mob boss Nick Civella, underboss Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna, Chicago mob captain Joseph “Joey the Clown” Lombardo, among others. These tapes tell how the Midwest La Cosa Nostra Families not only engaged in multiple crimes and murders, but how deeply their interests ran in several Las Vegas casinos.
CinemaKC is excited to present the theatrical release of Gangland Wire in the city where it all started.  Mob and mafia aficionados, police officers, local historians, and the movie going public will be interested in this true to facts, behind-the-scenes account from the officers and witnesses who were actually there.  This is a unique opportunity to listen in on some of the biggest players in the Midwest Mob family’s conversations and learn how a local quarrel led to the derailment of the Mafia.  The filmmaker, Gary Jenkins, will be in attendance and doing a Q&A after each showing.
For interviews, questions, and other information please contact:
Gary Jenkins, Producer Steven Fuller, CinemaKC Media Relations

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