CinemaKC Gets Glowing Review On

TV critic Aaron Barnhart has high praise for our new show…

If you were to happen across “CinemaKC” while channel-flipping — pretty unlikely given when it airs, but whatever — chances are you’d stop on it, because it looks like nothing else on television.

It’s not just the arresting, screen-filling close-ups of actress Erin McGrane as she sits knee-to-knee with local filmmakers on a couch and interviews them about their projects. It’s also the quality of the films that are screened on the show and the tightly edited, HD-showcase nature of the interviews.

Put simply, “CinemaKC” is more polished than most shows about film that air on national cable channels.

Have you seen the show yet? If not, it’s on every Saturday at 9:30PM on KSMO-TV. Check your local listing for more details!

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