CinemaKC Features ITVS FUTURESTATES “Charlie 13”

Futurestates courtesy of Futurestates

Kansas City, Mo. – CinemaKC, the television program devoted to showcasing local films and filmmaking talent, will feature the short film “Charlie 13” from the web series Futurestates on Thursday, July 17, at midnight-thirty. (That means that it’s actually airing on Friday morning, July 18 at 12:30 a.m.). The Kansas City PBS affiliate, KCPT, will air the fifth episode of the third season.

Futurestates is a long-running web series with the theme of exploring the visions and various challenges of what life might look like in an America of the not so distant future, where automation and artificial intelligence is becoming an even more dominant force in people’s day to day lives.

CinemaKC guests will include a local producer who worked with “Charlie 13” writer and director, Michael McMillan.

Charlie is a young boy who faces down the dangerous elements of a future society.

Guests for the Thursday episode will be W. David Keith, Maxwell W. Putnam, and Colin Ross.

The films Baby Come Back and Smoke Detector will also be broadcast. These films by teen filmmakers show that cinematic creativity knows no age limit.

The upcoming episode of CinemaKC on July 24, 2014, will feature more films, guests Jennifer Seward-DeRock, Bradley J. Lincoln, Irene Delmonte, Krystal Heib, and Bryan Colley. The Independent Filmmakers Coalition of K.C. and the K.C. Screenwriters group will be included in the discussion.


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