CinemaKC Features Area Animation Thursday, July 31, at Midnight-Thirty on KCPT

Remix by Doug Meloche

CinemaKC airs Thursday, July 30 at Midnight-thirty on KCPT (That’s actually 12:30AM Friday.). Episode 7 features Dylan Dietz, Ann Mendenhall, John Berry, Mike Kelly and Mike Kearns.

Be amazed at the animated works from the Midwest Association of Professional Animators and the Kansas City Art Institute students and graduates, including a short by Douglas Meloche.

Hosts: Michelle Davidson and Erin McGrane
Remix, a film by Douglas Meloche –
On Her Sleeve
The Reset

NEXT WEEK’S SHOW, Thursday, August 7, at midnight-thirty (that’s actually 12:30 a.m. on Friday) on KCPT FEATURES:

Gregory Sheffer and Julia Barnett

An Emmy-winning filmmaker who’s a master of historical documentaries shows a masterly narrative of a time in history. Two films by University of Missouri-Kansas City show shorter can be oh so sweet.

Hosts: Michelle Davidson and Erin McGrane


Lone Elm


Counterproductive, a film by Jenny Brinkman –

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