Adventure and Illustration in “The Wolf and the Medallion”

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Kansas City, Mo. – CinemaKC, the television program devoted to showcasing local films and filmmaking talent, will focus its spotlight on illustrator, activist, and adventurer Jeremy Collinsand his animated film “The Wolf and the Medallion” on Thursday, July 10, at midnight-thirty. (That means that it’s actually airing on Friday morning, July 11 at 12:30 a.m.). The Kansas City PBS affiliate, KCPT, will air the fourth episode of the third season.

Collins’s illustrative art has been featured in more than 150 climbing magazines and in numerous how-to books. Outdoor and adventure brands have used his imagery for product lines and even in the design of a line of climbing shoes. He also creates beautiful watercolor maps that have graced the cover and pages of National Geographic Magazine. His map and clothing brand, Meridian Line™ is hitting retail spaces currently and online in spring of 2014.

His film/stage production “The Wolf & The Medallion” won the Banff Center’s Creative Excellence Award, and 5 Point Film Festivals Best of The Fest. Through his partnership with ThreeHouse Studios, his illustrative work is brought to life through animation and live action footage. Together, they create soulful short award-winning films exploring the intersection of adventure and life.

“Creating The Wolf & The Medallion was so important to me on so many levels,” said Collins.

With an original film score composed by Andy Michael “The Wolf & the Medallion” details the events of a 2010 climbing expedition to the Valley of Keketuohai on the China/Mongolia border. High walls of sheer granite in this region resemble the classic routes of Yosemite. Typical of any trip to pioneer a new climbing area, a few misadventures with fellow climber Mark Jenkins frame the story’s narrative to be told as an illustrated letter to Collins’ then 4-year-old son Zion. But camera footage of the journey recedes in the wake of a dramatic and truly extraordinary cartoon dream.

Next week on July 17, CinemaKC will feature W. David Keith, Maxwell W. Putnam, and Colin Ross and offer films including a “Futurestakes” webisode.


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